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Like most Open Source telephony equipment suppliers, we provide resellers with discount pricing across most of our product ranges. However, unlike other suppliers our our products have been specifically selected with resellers in mind, focusing on the small and medium sized enterprise markets.

The most common obstacle to overcome when selling VoIP solutions to customers with legacy telephony services is quantifying and demonstrating the return on investment (ROI), along with overcoming concerns over reliability and voice quality.

Our products have been tested/evaluated to ensure they offer the best price/performance ratio in terms of features, reliability, and voice quality. Deploying products from our range enables resellers to offer customers competitively priced, feature rich solutions to meet key customer requirements such as reducing costs and increasing productivity/sales.

Having a limited carefully selected product range means that we can support our resellers by providing in depth product advice and expert technical support.

Reseller Requirements/Applications

If you are an IT/computer company interested in reselling our products then we would be very happy to accept you as one of our authorised resellers. As a reseller you will receive pricing discounts and expert product advice/support. To be accepted as a reseller you must genuinely intend to make regular purchases for resale purposes, we cannot provide reseller discounts for one-off purchases. There is no minimum monthly order requirement, but your first order must be for at least £250.00 GBP to be eligible for a pricing discount. If your initial purchase is below this amount, then you will not be entitled to a pricing discount until subsequent purchases accumulate to £250.00 GBP.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Novavox products then please email us at including your contact details, company information, the nature of your business and the products you are interested in for your first purchase.


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Grandstream DP760 Wideband HD DECT Repeater
Grandstream DP760 Wideband HD DECT Repeater