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EHANG GHOST Drone Aerial Quadcopter (Android / White)
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EHANG GHOST Drone Aerial Quadcopter (Android / White)
    Imagine controlling a drone with your smartphone or tablet... Well now you can, because you can pilot the EHANG GHOST Drone with an app on your Android device. GHOST Drone is perfect for first-timers and experienced pilots alike. Just tap a spot on your device's onscreen map and the GHOST Drone will automatically fly there - anywhere within its 1,000 meter range.

    GHOST Drone Aerial comes with a 2D Gimbal so you can take amazing aerial shots. The Gimbal fits the GoPro and other similar size cameras, and includes an auto-levelling function to ensure smooth and stabilized images.

    Quality construction means you can fly the GHOST Drone with confidence. The GHOST Drone's body is made of a lightweight durable compound material. Heavy-duty brushless motors deliver smooth power for effortless hovering and predictable flight. Red LEDs in front and blue LEDs in the rear help flight orientation.

    GHOST Drone's auto-return function prevents crashes caused by low battery or signal loss so you don't need to worry losing your drone anymore. Real-time flight statistics includes flight height, flight speed and battery power are showed in App. With "Auto-Follow" Mode you can take the selfie to another level! You can set the GHOST Drone to remain above and behind you - even as you change directions while walking, running or cycling - and the camera will always be trained on you.

    PLEASE NOTE: A quadcopter drone is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years. If you are a beginner you should learn to pilot your drone in a large, open space. We assume no liability for consequential damage to property or persons caused by the drone.

    Introducing the GHOST Drone by EHANG
    Feature Summary
    • GHOST Drone Quadcopter with detachable 2D Camera Mount Gimbal compatible with GoPro and similar size cameras (camera not included)
    • Easy to fly: One-click commands (take off, hover, return) using smartphone / tablet app compatible with Android 4.0 or newer
    • Flight Time: Up to 30 minutes depending on conditions and flight path (20 minutes with the gimbal and GoPro camera attached)
    • Wind/Water Resistant: Moderately windy (<10m/s) and rainy weather can't stop you from flying!
    • Key Features: Auto-leveling gimbal for smooth/stable footage, auto-return function, "auto-follow" mode, LED lights for night flying, 12 month warranty
    Technical Summary
    • Size (width x height): 360mm x 100mm (190mm with landing gear)
    • Drone Weight (without battery): 650g
    • Battery: 3-cell 11.1v 5.4Ah LiPo
    • Propeller: 3-blade reversible propeller
    • GPS: uBlox 6 parallely compacted compass
    • Motors: EHang EH9812 & EH9812R reversible Motor
    • Gbox(communicator): 2.4GHz 80mw Standard Bluetooth Communicator
    • Power Consumption: Flight control maximum power 5W (1A@5V);
    • Flight control rated power: 1.5W (300mA@5V);
    • Operating Environment Temperature: -15C to +70C
    • Operation: Smartphone operated
    • Hover Accuracy vertical: 0.5m horizontal: 0.5m
    • Wind Resistance: <10.7m/s
    What's in the box?
    • Assembled GHOST Drone quadcopter with colored LEDs
    • 2.4GHz Bluetooth G-Box (Android Version)
    • 2D Gimbal compatible with all GoPro cameras
    • 5400mAh 11.1V LiPo battery
    • Battery charger with UK plug
    • 3-blade propellers and guards
    • Landing gear
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    EHANG GHOST Drone Aerial Quadcopter (Android / White)
    EHANG GHOST Drone Aerial Quadcopter (Android / White)